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When you read, play and learn with Zak, you help change the world. All profits from the sale of Yak Pack books and merchandise supports Zak’s friends at Room to Read. When you buy the app, you help fund the purchase of three local language books.
Zak the Yak with Books on His Back cover


Inspired by a real yak who joined author John Wood on his first trip delivering books in Nepal, this joyful, rhyming story celebrates the notion of just how simple it can be to change the world. Find a problem that inspires you and ask your friends for help. Then, just do it! It’s that much fun and that easy. Get inspired. Read Zak’s story today to kids you care about.

Ages 3-8. Paperback.

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Zak the Yak and His New Friend Quack cover


Nobody can change the world all by themselves, not even Zak the mighty yak. Celebrate friendship, great ideas and changing the world with Zak and his new best friend. Ages 3-8. Paperback.

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“It is our choices, Harry, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

— J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter

“There are good books which are only for adults. There are no good books which are only for children.”

— W.H. Auden

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”

— Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid

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For Grown-ups

From the team at Treasure Bound Books comes Zak’s very first app!
Download Zak's app and you fund the creation of 3 local language books for kids who otherwise wouldn't have books in their own language.

About Zak & friends

“You are never too young to make a difference.”

— John Wood, author of the Zak books and founder of Room to Read

Zak the Yak is the creation of John Wood, founder of Room to Read and author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and Creating Room to Read (coming Winter 2013 from Penguin). The character Zak was inspired by the real-life yaks that helped John carry the very first books to young students in Bahundanda (BAW-hoon-dawn-duh) a small village in Nepal near the top of a mountain. They were creative, curious, smart kids who didn’t have any books of their own!

The organization John founded, Room to Read, has helped change the lives of millions of kids with the timeless gift of literacy and education. But there are millions more still waiting for books and the chance to go to school! Kids everywhere can help. John challenges you to find the thing that inspires you to take action, ask friends for help and make it happen. It really is that easy. Just ask John.

Friend Zak on Facebook. Follow Zak on Twitter @zakNepal. Join the conversation. Change the world.

John wrote the Zak books to inspire kids to change the world. He is the founder of Room to Read and author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and Creating Room to Read. John travels the world talking to kids and grown-ups about books, global literacy, education and making a difference.

Follow John’s worldwide adventures on Twitter @johnwoodRTR.

Our friend Abin (a-bean) Shrestha lives in Nepal where Zak’s adventure takes place. As a cartoonist and artist, Abin has drawn pictures and illustrations for many newspapers, magazines and children’s books. John Wood was honored to work with such a talented artist to bring Zak’s story to life.

The Yak Pack is named in honor of the yaks who carried some of the very first loads of books up a mountain in Nepal to build Room to Read’s first libraries. The Yak Pack, Inc. is a start-up for-profit company donating all profits to Room to Read in support of global literacy and educating kids about philanthropy. Yak Pack Inc. initiatives to date include the publication of two children’s books starring Zak the Yak, the launch of Namaste India, a global event supporting Room to Read with the sale of T-shirts and books and Zak the Yak’s first book app launched in cooperation with Treasure Bound Books.

Fundraising Ideas


  • Create a play based on Zak the Yak and charge admissions (write Zak for permission at Zak@yakpack.org and send us pictures). Donate what you raise to Room to Read.
  • Write your own inspirational book about how you would like to change the world. Sell it and donate the money to Room to Read.
  • Launch a book drive. Donate Books
  • Create your own fundraising page.
  • Sell just about anything you make - from lemonade to hand made cards - and donate the money you raise to Room to Read
  • Run a race. Get sponsors. Donate what you earn.
  • Start a read-a-thon. Get sponsors. Donate what you earn.
  • Buy the Zak app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Buy the Zak books at Amazon.

Email us your ideas to raise money for the causes you care about! With your permission, we will include them here to inspire everybody! Together, lets generate 500 ideas to help raise money for the things we care about! Ready. Set. Go!

Bulk Book Orders


Established Room to Read Chapters can order Zak books in bulk to raise money for Room to Read on a consignment basis.

  • Email us and tell us about your project
  • Set your fundraising goal

Minimum order:

50 books = $500.00 for Room to Read (+$35.00 S&H & tax)

= Total Due $535 only when books are sold.

Payable to The Yak Pack by US check or money order.

Make your next fundraising event a huge success!
Organize a costume character visit from Zak or Quack. It's easy!

  1. Download and fill out the Zak/Quack Costume Character Visit Order Form.
  2. Confirm you can store the costume until the next request comes in (The costume fits into a cardboard box about 36 x 36).
  3. Confirm you can fund shipping (anywhere from $50-$75 depending on location).
  4. Send an email describing your event to zakcostume@yakpack.org and copy your Room to Read Chapter contact.
  5. Ensure you have a volunteer to wear the costume.
  6. Yak Pack Media staff will be in touch with additional details and to confirm availability.
  7. After the event, agree to send an event report with pictures, turnout estimates and money raised to zakcostume@yakpack.org.
  8. You are responsible for the event and the costume, not Yak Pack Media or Room to Read.

Download Zak/Quack Costume Character Visit Order Form

Download Event Report

Thank You
“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill
The Yak Pack and the on-going adventures of Zak the Yak exist only because of the support, inspiration, good ideas, time and resources donated to the cause by our many friends.
  • The Atlassian Foundation
  • Chris Beer
  • DLA Piper
  • Samantha Berger
  • Mark Henderson
  • Erin Hogan
  • Margaret Milnes
  • Next Jump and the fabulous Code for a Cause team
  • The Republic of Tea
  • Room to Read staff and chapter volunteers the world over
  • Scholastic Inc.
  • Treasure Bound Books (Karen and Chris Robertson)
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